Saturday, December 11, 2010

Headband Made From Iron On Decals

I always find these awesome decals and beautiful trims when out at fabric stores. Im not one to add these things to my garments but I always end up buying them anyway. I love putting flowers in my hair and tats how this idea came to me. 

You will need a headband, decals or trim, glue or needle and thread, creativity.

First take your decals and create the layout that you like best. For my headband I needed 4 decals.
Once you have your pattern created you can them glue the decals together or stitch them together. I chose to stitch mine because the areas to glue were very small and I wanted a stronger hold.

Then glue or stitch the flowers to the headband. Its that easy! I also stitches my flowers to the headband because the headband I chose was thin and I wanted the extra hold. When stitching I just made loops of stitches through the decal and around the headband to hold it in place.

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