Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thrift 101: Pricing And Value

When We Find Something Amazing Value Is Never A Thought! Just Finding It And Knowing That Exists Is All The Reward! 
If Finding The Value Is Important As Far As ReSale Or Just General Research Here Are Some Tips!

Tip One
Use Collectors Guides and Field Guides!
Some That I Use Are
"Warmas's  Field Guide" Have Categories Like Jewelry, Handbags, Toys, Coins, Zippo, and (My Fav) Star Wars!
 These Books are Great Because They Are Small So You Can Through Them In Your Bag For Reference 
The Down Side Is They are Mostly Just For Price Info, They Have Very Little General Information On Designers, Age Or Brake Down of Many Items
These Books Contain Good Photos and Price.

"Miler's Collectibles Handbook"
"Miller's" Is Great Because In Addition To Great Photos, There Is A Ton Of Info!
This Includes Dates, Background and Distinguishing Features Used For Identification.

Tip Two
Not Everything You Find Will Be In These Books,
I have Been A Collector Most Of My Life And I Have Only Seen A Few Items From My Own Collection In These Books
So I Often Refer To The Wold Wide Web!

Tips On Pricing Online
 Never Use Prices From Ebay!
Heres Why
Just Because You See Someone On Ebay Asking A High Price For An Item Does Not Mean That They Will Sell That Item! You Can Ask What Ever You Want For Something But It Does Not Mean That It Is What  Its Worth. 
I Leaned A Long Time Ago That Things Are Only Worth What People Are Will To Pay For It.
Also With Websites Like Ebay Or Etsy, You Have A Ton Of People Who Are Not Retailers Setting There Own Prices. So Don't Sell Your Self Short Just Because You See Your Same Item On Etsy For $10.
 Some People are Just Cleaning Out There Closets!
So With Sites Like These Be Carful Because You Can Over Estimate The Value Or You Could Drastically Under Estimate The Value

Here Are Some Reliable Websites That Are Retailers Or Informational Sites!
For Jewelry I Always Use
For Levis
Anything And EveryThing

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