Sunday, April 5, 2015

Take it to the Garden this Spring

This is My Favorite Time of the Year and I Like to Kick Things Off by Taking the Party Outside 

I Start by Taking the Things that I Love Inside and Create that Same Fun Vibe On the Porch and In the Yard  

Make Your Table Sing this Spring with These Adorable Vintage Tulip Tea Set-$32.00

Serve Up Fresh Cuts on Vintage Flower Cart Appetizer Plates-$32.00

Its all About the Little Things  Butterfly Salt N Pepper Shaker-$16.00

Friday, January 18, 2013

Know The Value Of Vintage! Help When Buying or Selling Vintage

I can no stress it enough when it comes to vintage, Know What Its Worth!!!!
It is not hard these days to simply look something up
With access to Smart Phones, Ipads and Laptops
 We have the tools now to do research on the road
and in the field. 
Its made my job faster and easier than ever!
I always recommend auction house websites,
These sites are great because they get real prices from real buyers

WorthPiont, this does require a monthly fee 
Vintage Fashion Guild, No prices but great reference on labels, signatures, authenticity
Where on ebay and etsy you get uneducated sellers and buyers
These sites are great and I use both of them to buy and sell 
but you make a transaction on the WANT for the item not always the VALUE of the item
Heres a great example!


Point made I hope
Happy Hunting!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

This Weeks Amazing Find! A Trunk Of Photos

One of My Favorite Parts of Thrifting is Trunks Full of Old Photos!
It can take some patients but the rewards are well worth the time

I Hope You Enjoyed Them!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Im Up To My Ankles In Boots!

Its hard not to fall madly in love with boots
If I could find could only sell boots, I would
I love them, all of them, 
But my fall fav has to be ankle boots 

 Black Leather Lace-Up Boots Size 7 - $32.00

I really like the lace up boots with floral dresses and sheer pleated long skirts

Slip-On boots are fun with just about anything but I pair them with jean short cutoffs

Heel Ankle Boots look crazy hot with skinny jeans and leggings

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Never Looked So Good!

My favorite things in my kitchen collecting is cocktail decor
Tumblers, Pitchers, and Shot Glasses add so much to a brunch party or cookout
Having a cool accessories in your home bar can really set the mood

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