Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boots For Every Frame Of Mind!

I Love Boots! I grew up in Austin, Texas Where My Family Showed Horses
We Lived In Boots!
I Still Remember My First Pair Of Shit-Kickers!
When I Find A Pair, I Just Cant Help My Self...
 Blue Jean Denim Boots- $54.00
These Are Not For Sale
They Are Mine...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Electric 80's

1980's Will Be Forever Known For The Crazy Patterns, Bright Colors and Erratic Usage of Shapes.
This Slip Is An Example of All of These Things Done Well!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Birthday Photo Shoot!

My Family and I Spent a Week in Sarasota Florida For My Birthday. It Was The Perfect Opportunity to do a Shoot With My Sister, Who Now Lives in New York. We Did a Beach Shoot Out at The Point of Rocks Reef on Siesta Key
It Was Early In The Morning and Fogy So We Were Able To Get Really Cool Tones and Soft Light.

I Put Her In This Little Black Philosophy Dress From The 90's That I Altered From A Floor Length Evening Gowned Into This Mini

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thrift 101: Pricing And Value

When We Find Something Amazing Value Is Never A Thought! Just Finding It And Knowing That Exists Is All The Reward! 
If Finding The Value Is Important As Far As ReSale Or Just General Research Here Are Some Tips!

Tip One
Use Collectors Guides and Field Guides!
Some That I Use Are
"Warmas's  Field Guide" Have Categories Like Jewelry, Handbags, Toys, Coins, Zippo, and (My Fav) Star Wars!
 These Books are Great Because They Are Small So You Can Through Them In Your Bag For Reference 
The Down Side Is They are Mostly Just For Price Info, They Have Very Little General Information On Designers, Age Or Brake Down of Many Items
These Books Contain Good Photos and Price.

"Miler's Collectibles Handbook"
"Miller's" Is Great Because In Addition To Great Photos, There Is A Ton Of Info!
This Includes Dates, Background and Distinguishing Features Used For Identification.

Tip Two
Not Everything You Find Will Be In These Books,
I have Been A Collector Most Of My Life And I Have Only Seen A Few Items From My Own Collection In These Books
So I Often Refer To The Wold Wide Web!

Tips On Pricing Online
 Never Use Prices From Ebay!
Heres Why
Just Because You See Someone On Ebay Asking A High Price For An Item Does Not Mean That They Will Sell That Item! You Can Ask What Ever You Want For Something But It Does Not Mean That It Is What  Its Worth. 
I Leaned A Long Time Ago That Things Are Only Worth What People Are Will To Pay For It.
Also With Websites Like Ebay Or Etsy, You Have A Ton Of People Who Are Not Retailers Setting There Own Prices. So Don't Sell Your Self Short Just Because You See Your Same Item On Etsy For $10.
 Some People are Just Cleaning Out There Closets!
So With Sites Like These Be Carful Because You Can Over Estimate The Value Or You Could Drastically Under Estimate The Value

Here Are Some Reliable Websites That Are Retailers Or Informational Sites!
For Jewelry I Always Use
For Levis
Anything And EveryThing

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Weeks Amazing Find! #6

This Weeks Amazing Find Is A 1950's Leather "Top Gun" Toy Holster With Cap Gun!
These Vintage Toy Holsters Are Very Rare
They Can Sell Any Where From $100 To $250 For The Double Holsters!
Roy Rogers Or Davy Crockett Collectables Are Worth The Most
I Also Found That The Toy Cap Gun Is Labeled "Pony Boy"
These Can Go For Around $30 Depending On Age And Condition

1950's "Top Gun" Leather Toy Holster With "Pony Boy" Cap Gun - $89.00

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New From the Kitchen!

With the Holidays Up and Coming, Time in the Kitchen is Expected
Look Good Doing It With Clean Lines, Nice Shape and Rick Color

This 1960's Dress Offers That and More!
Aprons Are My Holiday Staple!
They Look Adorable and Protect Your Holiday Garments

Lip Stain and Liquid Liner Can Insure That Classic Look Even With the Oven On!

Shopping Available At www.YouthanizeVintage.com

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrift 101: Clothing- How To Tell If Its Old!

Thrifting Can be Hard Work!
It Can be Dirty, Unorganized and Lets Face it, Sometimes Theres Just Junk!
But for Die Hard Thrifters We Enjoy The Thrill That Comes When You Recover Something Truly Epic From Piles of Trash!

It can be hard sometimes to tell if what you find is truly vintage
with "VINTAGE" being so popular now and many companies are recreating vintage inspired products
This makes my job a bit harder but I have so helpful tips on finding TRUE VINTAGE!

Tip #1
Look For "UNION" Labels
Union Made Clothing Is a Good Sign You Have Something Vintage
These Labels are Usually sewn in with the tag or are sewn into the side seam of the garment along with the care label
Union Made Clothing Is Still Made but It Is not normally fashion apparel, its mostly work or sport apparel

Tip #2
Metal Zippers!
Finding a garment that has a metal zipper is a clue 
Metal zipper were used up and into the 1980's, but mostly with homemade garments not manufactured garments
So this is not a dating clue but at least you know it is not a vintage inspired pice
Metal zippers can still be purchased but most manufactures use the plastic zippers due to them being cheaper and the popularity of invisible zippers that can only be made by nylon.

I hope this helps!
Have Fun Thrifting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting Ready For Fall With Leather, Fur and Velvet!

When Fall Arrives, This Cobalt Blue Velvet Dress Will Do the Trick, 
Vintage Velvet is So Much More Plush and Thicker Than The New Stuff.
Over The Knee 1970's Fry Boots With This Fox Fur Cap To Add To The Richness Of Autumn 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thrift 101: Stained

Thrifting Can be Hard Work!
It Can be Dirty, Unorganized and Lets Face it, Sometimes Theres Just Junk!
But for Die Hard Thrifters We Enjoy The Thrill That Comes When You Recover Something Truly Epic From Piles of Trash!

Some Times Stains Can Ruin A Great Find
It Happens Time And Time Again
Sometimes It Can Be Worth The Gamble To Just Buy The Item And Try To Treat The Stain Yourself, If The Price Is Right I Always Say "Go For It!"
Heres Some Helpful Tips For You Dessision Making

Tip 1
Always Carry A Detergent Pen
This Can Be Used To Test That Stain Before You Buy 
But Never Use A Detergent Pen On Anything Silk Or On A Satin Fabric
It Will Only Leave Water Marks That Will Never Come Out
Detergent Pens Are Best On Natural Fiber Fabrics Such As Cotton

Tip 2 
Look For Dry Cleaning Tags In Or On The Garment
This Can Help When Gauging A Stain
If You Find A Dry Cleaning Tag, Chances Are That Stain Will Not Come Out!
Someone Has Already Tried To Treat The Stain With Little Luck
These Tags Are Often Still Left On The Garment Due To The Fact That Rarely Do People Ware Things If The Stain Could Not Be Removed, And They Then Tend To Just Get Rid Of The Garment
These Tags Are Sometimes Stapled To the Garment And Usually Are Paper With Numbers Printed On It
Have Fun This Weekend and Finds Lots Of AMAZING FINDS!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011


This Weeks AMAZING FIND is this 1920's Art Deco Perfume Bottle!
It is made from Malachite Glass and they are quite rare
I found this at a local vintage store Avant-Garb here in Tallahassee Florida
I had originally got this as a gift for a friend for her Birth Day!
There were two and I thought about the other bottle for ever before I broke down and got the other for myself
Malachite Glass is Made to Look Like Malachite Stone, You Can Tell if it is True Malachite Stone if There are no Seams in the Bottle, If There are Seams Then its Made From Glass.

These bottles made from the Malachite Glass range in price from $100 to $200! 

Here are some others that I have found online that I just LOVE! 

Heinrich Hoffman design Art Deco perfume bottle

This Jade bottle is going for $700 on the website above!

These below have all sold unfortunately 

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