Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thrift 101: Clothing- How To Tell If Its Old!

Thrifting Can be Hard Work!
It Can be Dirty, Unorganized and Lets Face it, Sometimes Theres Just Junk!
But for Die Hard Thrifters We Enjoy The Thrill That Comes When You Recover Something Truly Epic From Piles of Trash!

It can be hard sometimes to tell if what you find is truly vintage
with "VINTAGE" being so popular now and many companies are recreating vintage inspired products
This makes my job a bit harder but I have so helpful tips on finding TRUE VINTAGE!

Tip #1
Look For "UNION" Labels
Union Made Clothing Is a Good Sign You Have Something Vintage
These Labels are Usually sewn in with the tag or are sewn into the side seam of the garment along with the care label
Union Made Clothing Is Still Made but It Is not normally fashion apparel, its mostly work or sport apparel

Tip #2
Metal Zippers!
Finding a garment that has a metal zipper is a clue 
Metal zipper were used up and into the 1980's, but mostly with homemade garments not manufactured garments
So this is not a dating clue but at least you know it is not a vintage inspired pice
Metal zippers can still be purchased but most manufactures use the plastic zippers due to them being cheaper and the popularity of invisible zippers that can only be made by nylon.

I hope this helps!
Have Fun Thrifting!

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