Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thrift 101: Stained

Thrifting Can be Hard Work!
It Can be Dirty, Unorganized and Lets Face it, Sometimes Theres Just Junk!
But for Die Hard Thrifters We Enjoy The Thrill That Comes When You Recover Something Truly Epic From Piles of Trash!

Some Times Stains Can Ruin A Great Find
It Happens Time And Time Again
Sometimes It Can Be Worth The Gamble To Just Buy The Item And Try To Treat The Stain Yourself, If The Price Is Right I Always Say "Go For It!"
Heres Some Helpful Tips For You Dessision Making

Tip 1
Always Carry A Detergent Pen
This Can Be Used To Test That Stain Before You Buy 
But Never Use A Detergent Pen On Anything Silk Or On A Satin Fabric
It Will Only Leave Water Marks That Will Never Come Out
Detergent Pens Are Best On Natural Fiber Fabrics Such As Cotton

Tip 2 
Look For Dry Cleaning Tags In Or On The Garment
This Can Help When Gauging A Stain
If You Find A Dry Cleaning Tag, Chances Are That Stain Will Not Come Out!
Someone Has Already Tried To Treat The Stain With Little Luck
These Tags Are Often Still Left On The Garment Due To The Fact That Rarely Do People Ware Things If The Stain Could Not Be Removed, And They Then Tend To Just Get Rid Of The Garment
These Tags Are Sometimes Stapled To the Garment And Usually Are Paper With Numbers Printed On It
Have Fun This Weekend and Finds Lots Of AMAZING FINDS!

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