Friday, September 30, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011


This Weeks AMAZING FIND is this 1920's Art Deco Perfume Bottle!
It is made from Malachite Glass and they are quite rare
I found this at a local vintage store Avant-Garb here in Tallahassee Florida
I had originally got this as a gift for a friend for her Birth Day!
There were two and I thought about the other bottle for ever before I broke down and got the other for myself
Malachite Glass is Made to Look Like Malachite Stone, You Can Tell if it is True Malachite Stone if There are no Seams in the Bottle, If There are Seams Then its Made From Glass.

These bottles made from the Malachite Glass range in price from $100 to $200! 

Here are some others that I have found online that I just LOVE! 

Heinrich Hoffman design Art Deco perfume bottle

This Jade bottle is going for $700 on the website above!

These below have all sold unfortunately 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thrift 101, Flea Market Negotiation!

Thrifting Can be Hard Work!
It Can be Dirty, Unorganized and Lets Face it, Sometimes Theres Just Junk!
But for Die Hard Thrifters We Enjoy The Thrill That Comes When You Recover Something Truly Epic From Piles of Trash!

So Heres Some Helpful Tips On Your Thrifting Missions,

Flea Markets Negotiation
What I find helps at flea markets is the fact that at the end of the day these people have to pack up what they cant get rid of.
This can work to your advantage when it comes to price.
Another benefit can be that there is usually very little emotional attachment to these items.
When at a flea market the price is rarely listed so its up for negotiation!
Pick two items to get priced by the seller, one you want, the other is to gauge the sellers price point, 
If they are high pricers or low pricers
Start with the item that you don't want, when the seller tells you a price you put that item back
Now the seller knows to make a sell they may go down on price on the next item you ask about, AKA the original item of interest
Works like a charm!
Have Fun This Weekend and Finds Lots Of AMAZING FINDS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How-To Hair Tie Made into Ring

These vintage hair ties are cool but they are old and the elastic is no longer good
I thought they would make great rings
Heres How I Did It!
 First Cut Off the Old Elastic
 Make a Coil Spring From Wire about 2 inches in length
26 gauge wire works great
Use the wire curler to create the coil 
 Leave About 1 inch uncoiled wire on both ends to use in attaching to base

 Attach the wire to the back base of the ring

Do the same with the other side of the wire coil

Its pretty easy and the great thing about using a spring back for the ring makes it adjustable!

Monday, September 19, 2011

This Weeks Amazing Find # 4!

This Weeks Amazing Find are these Vintage 1960's Retro Snake Skin Styled Sunglasses With Chain Sides!
 These vintage glasses are very rare and are sought after by collectors
They often sell for $100 or more
 To wear these glasses you tuck the chain behind your ears and the weight of the charm hold the glasses in place

Shopping List-

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fringe and Tassels!

 This Tassel I Found on a Handbag. I Think it Looks Better as a Necklace!
The Skirt I Hemed from Below the Knee into a Mini, It has These Great Cut Out Pockets! The Blouse Went With a Dress that had the Blouse Over a Slip Top aAttached to a Mstching Skirt but I took it Apart to Make a Crop Top

Monday, September 12, 2011

This Weeks Amazing Find #3!

 Vintage Hippo Bathroom Toothbrush and Soap Holder!
This hippo holder has no markings, I have found two of these holders and they are painted different and the holes are different so I feel that they may have been a do it yourself kit or an arts and crafts project
I use my bathroom holder a little different since we use pump soap and only have two toothbrushes
I use it as a business card holder!

Monday, September 5, 2011

This Weeks Amazing Find #2!

This Weeks Amazing Find Is This Antique Iron Bottle Opener!
I started collecting these vintage bottle openers after Christmas shopping for my Mom. She has a great collection that I wanted to add to. Some of the cast iron bottle openers that you find are replicas or are remade from recovered molds then crudely painted to look antique. 
Its very hard to tell the difference! 
I think that this is original due to the smoothed edges of the iron from age and good amount of rust that covered it when I recovered it from the local flea market

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