Monday, September 26, 2011


This Weeks AMAZING FIND is this 1920's Art Deco Perfume Bottle!
It is made from Malachite Glass and they are quite rare
I found this at a local vintage store Avant-Garb here in Tallahassee Florida
I had originally got this as a gift for a friend for her Birth Day!
There were two and I thought about the other bottle for ever before I broke down and got the other for myself
Malachite Glass is Made to Look Like Malachite Stone, You Can Tell if it is True Malachite Stone if There are no Seams in the Bottle, If There are Seams Then its Made From Glass.

These bottles made from the Malachite Glass range in price from $100 to $200! 

Here are some others that I have found online that I just LOVE! 

Heinrich Hoffman design Art Deco perfume bottle

This Jade bottle is going for $700 on the website above!

These below have all sold unfortunately 


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