Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ture Trail Blazer!

My Favorite Thing About Vintage Is To Mix N Match!
Taking Vintage From Different Eras To Truly Create A Unique Look!
We Added A 1980's Pelican Pin To The 1960's Beret Style Brown Velvet Cap Hat With Tan Bow
Moccasin Boots With Zipper Backs
We Took Vintage 1980's High Waisted Jeans And Made Them Into Cutoffs and Added A 1950's Rhoda Lee Floral Blouse
Vintage Is Ment To Be Fun And Adventurous, But It Is Easy To Over Do It. Some People Don't Mind Taking One Look From One Era But I Think It Takes True Style To Combined Different Pieces To Make One Great Outfit. The Point Is To Not Look Like You Just Stepped Out Of A Time Machine!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What To Do With The Weekend?

Sometimes Waisting the Afternoon in the Sun Just Feels Right!

Blue and White Crop Top With Large Buttons, Corning Brand Pitcher, Cherry Red Ice Box

White Vinyl Woven Basket Handbag, Leather Woven Sandals With Braided Front

Vintage 80's Purple Sunglasses, Yellow Shapely Earrings, Cherry Red Brimmed Hat

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