Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Frankenstein Jean Jacket: Recycled Clothing

Transforming Old Outdated Clothing From the Back of My Closet.
I saw a jacket like this on a blog I follow and I loved it 
So I went to my closet and pulled out my old leather trench coat from high school and my denim jacket and went to work!
Here's How I Did It

 First Remove The Sleeves On Both Jackets 
I cut out the sleeve on the jean jacket because I liked the unraveled edges
but for the leather jacket I tour out seams using a seam ripper

I also had to seam rip the lining because I wanted to use it in the new jacket
 Because the sleeves were the same size I did not have to alter the sleeve 
If I had different size sleeves I would have to re-pattern the sleeves using the leftover leather jacket to create the sleeve and use the jean jacket sleeve as a pattern for the new sleeve.
  If you want to line your jacket use the original shell to the jacket to trace an identical lining 

 Make a pattern for both the front flap and the back
Since this jacket is symmetrical you can pattern only one side for the front of the jacket and just flip the pattern to create the opposite side
 Cut out your lining pattern
 Make sure the pattern lines up with your jacket shell
 Pin and cut out your fabric lining
 Sew your lining together 
 Before you attach the lining to the jacket you need to attach the leather sleeves to the jacket
 Just set the sleeve into place, pin, then top-stitch 
Do Not Sew The Sleeve Lining To The Jacket!
Just sew the outside sleeves to the jacket!
 Now you are ready to attach the lining
Start in the sleeve
Also make sure the lining is not inside out
You want the seam allowance to be on the inside of the jacket
With the jacket insides attach the sleeve lining to the jacket lining and sew
 Now you are ready to attach the rest of the jacket to the lining
Pin your jacket lining to the jacket by turning under the ruff edges of the lining and pining it to the boarder of the jacket all the way around the edges
You don't want the edge of the lining to go all the way to the edge of the jacket you just want it to reach the area that will be top-stitches
Now just top-stitch all the way around the edges of the outside of the jacket
This will attach the lining to the jacket
I think it looks better if you stitch is the seam so that the stitches are hidden in the seam
However you could top-stitch on the original stitches 
If you would like you could add the cuff to the jacket to get that bomber jacket look
This cuff can be bought online at many fabric stores in almost any color and thickness
Just attach and pin the to the inside sleeve edge and topstitch along the original stitching 
If you run into any problems or have any questions please feel free to email me at

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